First Car for Teens: Compact Engine is Ideal 
 Families who are looking for affordable and safe cars will find a large selection at Coastal Auto Group. From stylish hatchbacks to sporty sedans, this auto dealership sells a variety of used and new vehicles that are ideal for inexperienced drivers with limited budgets.


When buying a car for their teen, parents should carefully consider the ratings of the engine block. A powertrain that has high horsepower and torque specifications isn't a good idea for young drivers. A turbocharged V6 engine and naturally aspirated V8 engine are typically designed for fast driving on the highway. Teens should be discouraged from exceeding the speed limits on local roads, so a car with an I-4 engine is highly recommended.


A classic four-cylinder powertrain is designed to deliver gradual acceleration without any explosive moves. Therefore, a teen driver is less likely to lose control of a car that runs on a small engine with entry-level capabilities.