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Why You Need to Read a Vehicle History Report

Why You Need to Read a Vehicle History Report 

A vehicle history report (VHR) is available on used vehicles, telling you what you need to know about the vehicle and its past owners. At Coastal Auto Group, we’re happy to show this report so that you’re more in the know. Odometer readings are logged each time a vehicle is serviced. The VHR will have this information so that you can get a more accurate reading. If there’s any chance that the odometer rolled back on its own (or was illegally reset), you would know about it from the report. The history of accidents will also be included. You can see what kind of damages were sustained and repaired. Although repairs may have been made, it can also tell you about problems that you may have in the future. Engine work, body work, and other types of repairs will all be included on the report.

Get Results Like the Pros With These Touch Up Pain

Get Results Like the Pros With These Touch Up Paint Tips 

If you have a small chip in the paint of your vehicle, don't stress out too much. All you need is a container of touch up paint and a steady hand. Your vehicle will be protected and look like new in no time. If you want your vehicle to look like it was repaired by the pros, take a look at our touch up tips: -Buy your touch up paint directly from the manufacturer. This will ensure that the color and finish are appropriate. -If you have a container of touch up paint but it is a couple of years old, you may want to toss it and get a new batch. -Give your vehicle a good wash and dry before you apply the paint. Make sure your vehicle is completely dry and free of products before applying anything.

What Can Cause Your Tire Pressure Light to Illumin

What Can Cause Your Tire Pressure Light to Illuminate?

 The tire pressure mounting system in your car is designed to keep you informed about your tire’s air pressure. It’s an important component because, as much as we should, drivers don’t always check the air pressure until it’s too late and we have a flat tire. The tire pressure mounting system does the work for us. Your tires should have a certain amount of air pressure based on the car. The tire pressure light will illuminate if the tires are underinflated or overinflated. The light may come on early in the morning but will go back to normal in a few moments. Extreme temperatures can also cause pressure to fluctuate. If you’re pretty certain your tires are in good shape despite your tire pressure mounting system telling you otherwise, visit a trusted mechanic and let them check over the system and your tires. 

First Car for Teens: Compact Engine is Ideal

First Car for Teens: Compact Engine is Ideal 
 Families who are looking for affordable and safe cars will find a large selection at Coastal Auto Group. From stylish hatchbacks to sporty sedans, this auto dealership sells a variety of used and new vehicles that are ideal for inexperienced drivers with limited budgets.


When buying a car for their teen, parents should carefully consider the ratings of the engine block. A powertrain that has high horsepower and torque specifications isn't a good idea for young drivers. A turbocharged V6 engine and naturally aspirated V8 engine are typically designed for fast driving on the highway. Teens should be discouraged from exceeding the speed limits on local roads, so a car with an I-4 engine is highly recommended.


A classic four-cylinder powertrain is designed to deliver gradual acceleration without any explosive moves. Therefore, a teen driver is less likely to lose control of a car that runs on a small engine with entry-level capabilities. 

Trade-In versus Refinancing: What is Right for Me?

Trade-In versus Refinancing: What is Right for Me? 
 Buyers sometimes wonder if they should refinance their current vehicle or trade it in for a different one, especially if your financial circumstances have changed and your payments are stretching you thin. There's no correct answer in this situation, however, here are some points that you should consider.


If you like your current vehicle and your credit score has improved since you bought your vehicle, you could benefit from refinancing your vehicle if you can get a lower rate. You're not locked into your loan term and can refinance at any time. The best reason to refinance the loan is you will pay less interest.


Trading in your vehicle may be better if you have "too much car" for your situation. If that's the case, trading it in for a more sensible vehicle is the answer. You should also trade in your car if it needs too many repairs.

Use These Tips When Shopping for a Used Vehicle to

Use These Tips When Shopping for a Used Vehicle to

Use These Tips When Shopping for a Used Vehicle to Make the Process Easier 

Shopping for a new vehicle can be a very overwhelming process. If you are limited to a certain budget, you might want to think about shopping in the used vehicle area of a lot. This inventory usually has a lot of different makes and models of vehicles that you can select from. From all different manufacturers, you'll be able to find something you love in no time at all, not to mention - buying used means that you'll save a lot of money! Here are some tips for buying a used car: -Know your budget when you start out. This will narrow down your search a bit. -Speak with a reputable customer service professional that can help you find what you're looking for. If there isn't something on the lot right now, they can often track down what you want. -Look for a certified pre-owned vehicle, if possible. 

Tips for Cleaning Your Tires

Have you noticed that your tires are turning brown? Perhaps they are dusty or have grime buildup. You may even be dealing with tire blooming. This occurs when your tires start turning brown instead of their natural black color. This typically appear like a smear of chocolate across the tread of your tires. To properly clean your tires, you should make sure to wash them at least once per week. 
In addition, you can use a hose to clean off the grime on your tires, but you’ll also want to get a professional tire cleaner. These are gel formulas that are made to clean and shine your tires. If you clean your wheels regularly, then you’ll always have great tires until they need to be replaced. Once your car wash is finished, make sure that you use a microfiber cloth to dry off your tires. 

How to Control Odors in Your Vehicle

Most people clean their car regularly, and one of the reasons that they do is because of odors. Even air fresheners can’t mask some of the stronger odors. For example, you may like the smell of lavender or cotton. These are light fresheners that won’t overpower the small space of your vehicle. In some cases, cars heat up and cause air fresheners to melt, creating an odorous scent. 
You can always use baking soda and charcoal to shut down smells in your vehicle. Charcoal works well as an air filter in your vehicle because it filters out all of the bad odors. There are also serious smells that you should pay attention to, such as gas that could be a leak in your vehicle.

Preventing Vehicle Theft

Vehicle theft is a serious problem, which can leave you without your main mode of transportation for an extended period of time. If your vehicle is stolen, then there is an approximately 42% chance that the vehicle will be lost permanently. As such, it is important to take certain measures to protect your vehicle against theft. 
Nearly half of all automotive thefts are the result of driver error, so be sure not to make a avoidable mistake, such as leaving your keys or valuables where they can be clearly seen inside the vehicle, as this makes it more likely your vehicle will be targeted for theft. Other more active defensive measures can be taken, such as the installation of anti-theft protections such as alarms and wheel locks. 
Here at Coastal Auto Group, we take pride in providing our customers with all of the knowledge and information they need to make an educated decision about purchasing a vehicle. If you are interested in finding a new-to-you vehicle, then come down and visit our showroom, where our helpful staff will help you get set up with a test drive.

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