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What Can Cause Your Tire Pressure Light to Illumin

What Can Cause Your Tire Pressure Light to Illuminate?

 The tire pressure mounting system in your car is designed to keep you informed about your tire’s air pressure. It’s an important component because, as much as we should, drivers don’t always check the air pressure until it’s too late and we have a flat tire. The tire pressure mounting system does the work for us. Your tires should have a certain amount of air pressure based on the car. The tire pressure light will illuminate if the tires are underinflated or overinflated. The light may come on early in the morning but will go back to normal in a few moments. Extreme temperatures can also cause pressure to fluctuate. If you’re pretty certain your tires are in good shape despite your tire pressure mounting system telling you otherwise, visit a trusted mechanic and let them check over the system and your tires. 

First Car for Teens: Compact Engine is Ideal

First Car for Teens: Compact Engine is Ideal 
 Families who are looking for affordable and safe cars will find a large selection at Coastal Auto Group. From stylish hatchbacks to sporty sedans, this auto dealership sells a variety of used and new vehicles that are ideal for inexperienced drivers with limited budgets.


When buying a car for their teen, parents should carefully consider the ratings of the engine block. A powertrain that has high horsepower and torque specifications isn't a good idea for young drivers. A turbocharged V6 engine and naturally aspirated V8 engine are typically designed for fast driving on the highway. Teens should be discouraged from exceeding the speed limits on local roads, so a car with an I-4 engine is highly recommended.


A classic four-cylinder powertrain is designed to deliver gradual acceleration without any explosive moves. Therefore, a teen driver is less likely to lose control of a car that runs on a small engine with entry-level capabilities. 

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When first-time buyers, new college graduates, active-duty military personnel and growing families from in and around Foley, Mobile, Pensacola, and Daphne go in search of a high-quality pre-owned vehicle that won’t sink their future financial goals, they rely on Coastal Auto Group. Why? Selection, service, and savings.

Our constantly-evolving inventory of pre-owned cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers features all the popular automotive brands you know and love, from BMW and Kia to Ford, Chevy, Subaru and Dodge. Looking for a vehicle that’s not already in our inventory? We’ll help you find it. Simply use our locater service and we’ll get the car, truck, SUV or crossover you have in mind in the trim, color and model year you want.

When you work with Coastal’s on-site team of pre-owned car, truck and SUV financing pros, you can get behind the new-to-you vehicle you’ve been eyeing for less. That means affordable monthly payments, little-to-no down payment and a fair interest rate. We also offer each of our clients the chance to apply for financing before they come in for a test drive, as well as a easy-to-use loan calculator to determine which vehicles in our inventory fit their budget.

Ready to experience a whole new fun, informative and hassle-free way to get behind the wheel of a quality used car? You’ve come to the right place. At Coastal Auto Group, our goal is always to get you the car you’ve always wanted at price you can afford.


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