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Tips for Cleaning Your Tires

Have you noticed that your tires are turning brown? Perhaps they are dusty or have grime buildup. You may even be dealing with tire blooming. This occurs when your tires start turning brown instead of their natural black color. This typically appear like a smear of chocolate across the tread of your tires. To properly clean your tires, you should make sure to wash them at least once per week. 
In addition, you can use a hose to clean off the grime on your tires, but you’ll also want to get a professional tire cleaner. These are gel formulas that are made to clean and shine your tires. If you clean your wheels regularly, then you’ll always have great tires until they need to be replaced. Once your car wash is finished, make sure that you use a microfiber cloth to dry off your tires. 

How to Control Odors in Your Vehicle

Most people clean their car regularly, and one of the reasons that they do is because of odors. Even air fresheners can’t mask some of the stronger odors. For example, you may like the smell of lavender or cotton. These are light fresheners that won’t overpower the small space of your vehicle. In some cases, cars heat up and cause air fresheners to melt, creating an odorous scent. 
You can always use baking soda and charcoal to shut down smells in your vehicle. Charcoal works well as an air filter in your vehicle because it filters out all of the bad odors. There are also serious smells that you should pay attention to, such as gas that could be a leak in your vehicle.

Important Tips for Reducing Distracted Driving

We want you to be as safe as possible when driving. Everyone gets distracted at some point while driving. Unfortunately, something that may only distract you for a second can cause a serious accident. Allow us to offer you some great tips on how to reduce distracted driving. 
If there is something on your mind, take care of it prior to getting behind the wheel. If you have to take care of something while driving, pull off the road first. Ask any passengers to assist you with doing something you feel needs to be done. Make vehicle adjustments before you start the car. 
Even the safest drivers can find themselves being distracted from time to time. Come to our used car dealership and let us provide you with ideas to prevent you or your young drivers from being distracted. While you’re here, take out one of our cars for a test drive. 

Easily Jump Start Another Vehicle

When you want to jump start one car with your car that is running, it's time to learn how the process works. Start by getting both vehicles nose to nose if possible. If you can't, get the two vehicles as close together as possible. Turn off both vehicles and prepare to connect the jumper cables. 
Jumper cables are marked red and black. The red is the positive cable, while the black is the negative. On the good car, attach the red cable to the red terminal,and the black cable to the black one. Keep apart the two clamps for the dead car, as they are now live from your good battery. 
Attach the cables to the bad battery. Step away from the hood of both vehicles and start the good car. This should give the bad vehicle the charge it needs. When you're ready to give a new (to you) car a try, come on down to our dealership!

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Welcome to Coastal Auto Group

When first-time buyers, new college graduates, active-duty military personnel and growing families from in and around Foley, Mobile, Pensacola, and Daphne go in search of a high-quality pre-owned vehicle that won’t sink their future financial goals, they rely on Coastal Auto Group. Why? Selection, service, and savings.

Our constantly-evolving inventory of pre-owned cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers features all the popular automotive brands you know and love, from BMW and Kia to Ford, Chevy, Subaru and Dodge. Looking for a vehicle that’s not already in our inventory? We’ll help you find it. Simply use our locater service and we’ll get the car, truck, SUV or crossover you have in mind in the trim, color and model year you want.

When you work with Coastal’s on-site team of pre-owned car, truck and SUV financing pros, you can get behind the new-to-you vehicle you’ve been eyeing for less. That means affordable monthly payments, little-to-no down payment and a fair interest rate. We also offer each of our clients the chance to apply for financing before they come in for a test drive, as well as a easy-to-use loan calculator to determine which vehicles in our inventory fit their budget.

Ready to experience a whole new fun, informative and hassle-free way to get behind the wheel of a quality used car? You’ve come to the right place. At Coastal Auto Group, our goal is always to get you the car you’ve always wanted at price you can afford.


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